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(Clients in Oman, Middle East)

SFBB Systems Lead Auditor, William Wood, works in partnership with the National Hospitality Institute based in Muscat to provide HACCP Certification and Surveillance Audits to the food service sector in Oman (Hotels / Restaurants/Catering). 


Audits based on HACCP standards (Codex Alimentarius - internationally recognized Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point risk based management systems), Internationally recognized standards of Good Hygiene Practice, industry guidance and best practice as well as Muscat Municipality Food Control Regulations (Oman Food Safety 84/2008 Law), founded on the Food Regulation Middle East 2012, form the basis of the HACCP audit, assessment and Certification process.

HACCP Certification is awarded for a period of 3 years on agreement that 2 annual Surveillance Audits (1 every 6 months) are conducted throughout the certification period and the required standards are maintained. 


The auditing process includes a thorough physical inspection of all food production, distribution and service facilities from receipt of goods, storage, production, cooking, cook-chill, hot / cold-hold, packing, transportation / delivery and service to customers. A detailed examination of the Food Safety Management System documents and monitoring / recording paperwork are completed. At least 2 days activity is required for detailed HACCP Certification Audits and 1 day for ongoing Surveillance Audits. Formal HACCP audit reports detailing areas of conformance / non-conformance, as well as recommendations, are compiled by the auditor and final reports distributed by email to the food business management team. Where necessary, additional mentoring can be provided to assist businesses in achieving the required standards for Certification. 


SFBB Systems is a Partnership organisation registered with the UK HMGovt; Companies House - first registered Jan 2007. It is registered for Management Consultancy activities known as SIC 70229 and maintains a Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) Professional Membership (Number 211779). NHI is registered with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman and operates in accordance with the requirements of ISO9000/90001:2015. An approved training provider with Edexel, City&Guilds and licenced for the delivery of Muscat Municipality mandatory food safety qualifications. Membership status is held with the internationally recognized Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and Highfields Qualifications and is a Silver Investors in People organisation.

William Wood heads-up the NHI Food Safety Academy auditing and consultancy team; he has over 25 years’ experience in this field and has worked closely with hospitality and food businesses clients in Oman since 2012.   

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